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Netflix Series: The Sinner (Season One)

Image Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes


A young mother, Cora, suddenly jumped onto a young man and stabbed him to death. In front of dozens of onlookers on the beach and her family, it seemed a simple case. She confessed and was willing to go to jail. She wouldn’t talk to anyone, until Detective Harry spent the time to observe and talk with her. When everyone and everything pointed to Cora, he felt something was off. The more he investigated, the more he discovered…


What is guilt?

Guilt is an emotional experience that occurs when a person believes or realizes—accurately or not—that they have compromised their own standards of conduct or have violated universal moral standards and bear significant responsibility for that violation. Guilt is closely related to the concept of remorse as well as shame.— Wikipedia

Guilt was holding Cora back. Naturally, she did kill the young man. Taking someone’s life was definitely something that went against the standard of conduct. She wouldn’t open up as she truly believed that she deserved to be punished.

Sadly, sometimes, like in this story, so much emphasis was placed on following the parents’ strict rules, the children could feel imprisoned in their own homes. So much fear could be imbedded into their minds that it could dramatically affect their development.

Note: There are a few reoccurring mature scenes in this season.

Now I am off to watch Season 2…..

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