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Netflix Series: Crime Scene (The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel)

Image Courtesy of New On Netflix


This case was attracted a lot of publicity back then as it was the vanishing of a young Asian woman from Canada. The way she was acting and all the video footages were all very odd. Tons of conspiracy theorists and television shows talked about it. One of the main reasons was the location.

The Cecil Hotel was infamous for being the centre of supernatural events. It was a low-cost hotel where assorted interesting characters would stay at …. Could these suspicious characters have anything to do with her disappearance?


This series really emphasizes how powerful the internet can be… both in a good and bad way. It reminds us that even though the internet can connect, it can also isolate certain individuals. It is still important to reach out and connect to other human beings in the traditional sense. Remember that when we are feeling low and isolated, that we are not alone.


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7 thoughts on “Netflix Series: Crime Scene (The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel)”

  1. This was too weird. I believe there may have been something supernaturAl involved. Also, why didn’t we hear from anyone who actually talked to her? The TB test called LAM-ELISA? That was also weird. I’m super intrigued by this century old seedy hotel in the heart of LA where The Night Stalker actually lived! If you haven’t watched that, it’s chilling.

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