Photo Of The Day: Bearded Dragon Relaxation Time

So after I finished using my heated shoulder massager, he crawled up and cuddled to the warmth of the machine. He looked so comfortable so I held my phone up to take a photo. The instant I had my camera on, he immediately looked right at me, ready for his photo.

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5 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Bearded Dragon Relaxation Time”

  1. “Mommy, thanks for letting me hang out here with you, but where is my pampering?”

    I love seeing lizards having a good home life and spending time out of the cage to be with their families. I intend to have a post next week that shares other’s love for their lizards. I have seen enough of your sweetie here to know this angel is not only a pet in your home, but a loved family member. May I share a link to your site, this post, or a post of your choosing in that next post? My goal is to make others smile too, to see how special lizards truly are, and also prove I’m not the only one that loves my lizard like my child or best friend. ; )

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