Movie Review: Unhinged

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A recently divorced mother was driving her son to school encountered a burly man driving a large truck, slammed onto her horn when he didn’t move at the green light. Initially, he told her calmly that she only needed to give a courtesy tap and not a full-on slam on the horn. She was not interested in hearing anything that he was saying.

He was not pleased and he made sure she felt his anger……


Although it might seem a bit blown out of proportion for some, the man’s sudden onslaught of terror because of some honking from a mom was enough to trigger his blow up. Road rage was definitely something I would not like to encounter or be in the middle of at anytime. In the past, I have witnessed many accounts of road rage by just sitting in the passenger seat. It was horrifying to see how mad and lose control some drivers are when something didn’t go there way. It’s the worst when there were children in the car. So, watching this movie really felt real to me. Scary!

Note: It’s Russell Crowe! Wow…..just wow….

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12 thoughts on “Movie Review: Unhinged”

  1. The most road rage I ever experienced was profuse honking. I witnessed it happening to another person recently. The traffic light was unknowingly broken, therefore not changing to green. The person in the turning lane was preventing cars from turning while waiting to go forward. So the lady behind that car was honking non-stop. I’ve noticed waiting in the turning lane seems to be a road rage trigger for a lot of people. Unfortunately,there have been a few too many cases on the news where people lost there lives. I just act like I don’t hear the honking. On a bad day I might get into a honking war lol. But you just never know the mindset of the other person , they could think just like the main character. I have yet to see this movie, I might watch it today.

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      1. Thanks, much appreciated ! Love your content ❤️❤️ subscribed. My years of acne led me to blogging about skincare and beauty. I’m hoping others can give me feedback on if what I stated In the post work for them or if they use a different product or method.

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  2. Geez it sounds a little creepy especially since it is something that could very well happen in real life. Here in South Africa, there was a man who shot a driver because of road rage! Adding this to my list 🙂

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  3. I finally saw this movie last night, it had me on edge. I’m sure in her position, a lot of us wouldv’e honked after patiently waiting. Good recommendation!

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