Reblog Feature: Vegan Piña Coladas!

Thank you Alatteats for this great idea! Just when I was reminded by my calendar that I was suppose to be on a cruise ship in the Caribbeans, but not due to Covid-19…..

I remember the time I visited the Domican Republic at the Iberostar Resort. I was overjoyed when I discovered that they served a complimentary Pina Colada mocktail! Yes! I preferred not to be drinking during vacations. It was my first vacation as an adult and I needed to be alert all the time.

Then I discovered that Pina Colada had the the highest calories of the cocktails…..

Oh well! C’est la vie!

Piña coladas are delicious for everybody. Simply omit the alcohol for the kiddos and add more or less for yourself depending on your preferences. …

Vegan Piña Coladas!

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