Movie Review: Money Plane

Image Courtesy of IMDb


Jack Reese was a professional gambler who owed a lot of money to an extremely cruel and wealthy man, Darius Grouch. Darius convinced Jack to take on his last money heist, the Money Plane. This plane was a mobile casino. Only the world’s most richest and influential criminals would gamble on this plane.

After stealing a human trafficker’s identity, he gathered his most trusted partners to carry this heist. As things got complicated on the plane, Jack discovered that he was double crossed…..


This movie has a lot of action and a certain amount of violence. The storyline was quite straightforward and didn’t require too much detective work. The interesting ways of gambling among the criminals were unique. Death was definitely one of the ways of losing or if they caught anyone cheating.

Note: Kelsey Grammar (from Frasier) was Darius.


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