Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale

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In a dystopian future of New England, it reverted into a patriarchal and totalitarian society that borrowed Biblical readings to support and control the people, mainly the women.

Offred was a Handmaid, who was one of the few fertile women to exist. Majority of the women were sterile and needed these Handmaids to make a baby with the commander (high ranking) husbands. That was their job. Naturally, as time passed, Offred was getting older and wiser. She knew that she needed to produce a baby by any means possible. Illegal encounters, and items like lingerie or makeup were all punishable.

How can she get out of this predicament?


This book was written in 1985, but as I read it in the present-day, I still could feel the that many of the lines used in the story continued to happen in real life. The pain, the shame and the control that I felt as a female growing up flooded my mind. To target females as the source of all problems for a men’s society could happen anywhere and anytime.

Note: Adult Novel due to mature topics

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7 thoughts on “Book Review: The Handmaid’s Tale”

  1. Lovely review and I agree with you on how society (even to this day) hold women of a power standard and think that their only use is to procreate. It’s just really sad and mindsets needs to be change if this kind of thinking.

    Thanks for sharing.

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