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Small Victory Of A Mom

Image Courtesy of Zing Decor

As with many moms my age know, combining hormonal changes, postpartum and emotional stress does no good for the body. Women in middle age need to gain strength and heavier bone density to prevent future bone issues.

But let’s face it…. being female, we are the target and focus of fat-shaming by everyone. So I try my best to stand up and against people who don’t watch their words, especially towards the younger generation. People enjoy making fun of how moms don’t care about our weights. Trust me, deep down inside, we do.

But reality is…women’s body is meant to change. Our bones change, our hormones change….

Working out isn’t about losing weight. It’s about increasing my cardio and to release my emotions. Practicing my splits and bridges is about keeping flexible so I can prevent further injuries.

But still, it’s nice to see that mommy pouch slowly going away…. sigh, darn vanity….even though I am the only one in the whole world that notices….tiny victories here….

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