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Book Review: The Alchemist

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Santiago, was a Spanish shepherd boy (more like a young man as he spoke of falling in love with young ladies), who had a dream one day about a treasure in Egypt. After speaking with some interesting characters like a gypsy, an old king and ultimately, the alchemist, he was determined to search for this mysterious treasure in his dream. Was there really a treasure? Or was it all just a fleeting dream?


Life is about taking chances and following your heart. That is the main message in this story. How many times have you felt that you wanted to do something or take a risk so badly and because you didn’t, you would think about it incessantly. Of course, I wouldn’t apply this to gambling in a casino….

To be logical and secure, is ideal in life. However, sometimes stretching out into the unknown as long as you have a secure base, is a good idea. Especially in this technological society, even going out in the real world to meet people is a calculated risk.

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Alchemist”

  1. In 2001, a coworker lent me this book out of nowhere and said, “Here. Read this.” I did, and I enjoyed it… it was good for me to read at that time in my life, when I was going through some major decisions in life. I read it again in 2005 and again in maybe 2018ish, for the same reasons.

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