Book Review: Time’s Up


Ram, the cruel head sent Mina along with some other girls and boys to be with Tammy to be married to Uncle Ruho, the Divine Leader. After running away from Mrs. Asher in Book One, now she was to return to Manhattan, where she and her brother, Dekker were wanted fugitives. Their task was to murder Uncle Ruho. If they failed, Ram was going to bomb the city.

Will they succeed? Will Mina and her brother get caught?


This was the conclusion to the Time Zero trilogy. For a dystopian story that I assume to happen in the future, I am absolutely revolted by the fact that an over 60 years old man was to wed a 16 year old girl! Sadly, this is the reality for child brides in the world.

Both sides of Uncle Ruho and Ram abused the theology of religion to eliminate their opposition. Throughout history, human beings have been killing each other in the name of religion and beliefs. This is reality.

The ending was much better than I anticipated for a young adult novel.

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