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Book Review: Veronika Decides To Die


The title said it all….one day, Veronika decided to die. Her life seemed monotonous and insignificant to the point that a magazine was ignorant about her beloved country, Slovenia. Life had no meaning! After overdosing on sleeping pills, she was sent to a mental institution for treatment. There, Dr. Igor told her that her heart was damaged by the pills and she was going to die soon. She did not want to die in the institution.

In this institution, Veronika became interested in some of the patients and even became acquainted with them. She learned that some even pretended to be insane or mad to escape from their real lives!


The title actually was a little upsetting for me, but I had to admit that it was extremely direct. One message that was very evident. If you were not conforming to the social norm, then you were deemed mad by society. Everyone commented on how Veronika shouldn’t be suicidal or depressed because she had everything others wanted. One patient, Eduard was considered out of his mind because he refused to be a diplomat despite his parents’ guilt trips and threats. He was a great artist and wanted to continue to be one. Death for them meant

How many of us were told that we were insane for being or thinking differently?

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