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Reblog Feature: If I could relive one day it would be…

Today I thought of doing something completely different. I’m curious to know which day you would relive in your life. In the comment section below, …

If I could relive one day it would be…

After reading Growing With Spawn’s response, it took me a long while before I could decide on which day would I want to relive….Finally, I decided on the day I was to travel to Hong Kong with my grandparents at around 5 years old. No parents meant I was free!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t really remember anything about leaving my parents and boarding the plane. I only recalled the moments where I had to go to kindergarten there for awhile…. Everything else were in the photo albums……

What day would you want to relive?

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5 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: If I could relive one day it would be…”

      1. That’s a good question. I’d really need to think about that. A lot of my good days were memorable because they started out as bad days and then something really amazing happened, and I don’t know if I’d want to relive the bad parts.

        If I’m answering in character from 1996, maybe this one? It was a good day all around for a lot of reasons.

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