Movie Review: The War With Grandpa


After his wife’s passing, Ed’s daughter decided that it was time for him to leave his home and move in with her. He was caught accidentally stealing with a store when he didn’t know how to use the self check-out…. oops! However, her house didn’t have an extra room, so she made her son, Peter, move to attic and to give his room to Ed. Peter was not pleased at all. Why couldn’t Grandpa go to the attic instead? Peter decided to declare war!


There were many laughs in this movie. The fact that Ed actually took Peter seriously by making him sign the Rules Of Engagement gave Peter the acknowledgment that lacking from the start. Peter was never close to Grandpa and he was forced out of his room without any family discussion. Even though it was his parent’s house, I believed that both the husband and the son would have appreciated a family discussion.

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