Quote Of The Week: Be Happy For Others

Have you been in a toxic relationship like a friendship, for example, where your friend is constantly putting you down whenever something good happens to you? Very often, that actually stems from the fact that that person wants to keep the attention to themselves. They do not want to share the stage and have a scarcity mentality.

A scarcity mentality, according to Steve Covey, the author of 7 Habits Of Successful People, is when a person only sees things in terms of winning or losing. There’s only so much attention out there, so if you have some,then there is less for them! Or if you are lucky this time, there is less luck for them out there! Very often, they don’t admit that they think this way, but their sarcasm and criticism gives them away. Putting you down is their way to lift themselves up again.

Jealousy and envy can also come into play. These emotions can blind even the friendliest characters. It is crucial that we continue to remind ourselves that lifting others up means lifting ourselves up too!

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