Book Review: Ocean Academy (Call Of The Siren)

Image Courtesy of Good Reads


After spending an exciting and nearly fatal year during her first year at the Academy, Coral was ready for second year to start! After a visit from Pania, the Jellyfish lady, who revealed that her father was still alive, she was ready to explore her newly found powers and to solve the mysteries that follow.

Things became complicated when an exchange student, Kelpie, suddenly became the centre of attention. All of the men in Coral’s life turned against her. Even Finn, the one who was supposed to be in love with her was following Kelpie around. What was going on?


After reading the previous books from this series, I knew that there was going to be a twist. I kept wondering who the ultimate antagonist was…. I had to keep reading till the end. There was definitely a surprise!

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