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Movie Review: Alita (Battle Angel)

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Set in a future where cyborgs and robots were part of reality, Dr. Ido revived a damaged battle cyborg, whom he called, Alita. His dead daughter’s named was Alita. The brain wasn’t damaged, but only needed a new body. So he found her a unique cyborg body that was compatible to her brain.

When she woke up, she wanted to find out who she was as she had lost her memory. She became interested in the game, Motorball. This game was the source of gambling and entertainment for everyone. The owner of the game, Vector, actually paid people called Hunter-Warriors that hunted cyborgs for their body parts in exchange for wealth. He would use these parts to upgrade his Motorball team players to win.

One day, Alita ended up becoming enemies to one of toughest Hunter-Warriors, who was sent to destroy her. Despite winning the fight, her body was badly damaged. Dr. Ido was forced to install the deadly battle cyborg body that Alita found previously. He didn’t want to install it for her originally because he feared the killing power of the technology. However, he no longer had the choice….Remembering that there was someone out there trying to kill Alita, he made sure her suit was perfect for combat during her Motorball game. She needed to win this no matter what….


The blend of anime and real people was very convincing. I enjoyed the story of how Alita got stronger and became her true self. The combat scenes were exciting.

Definitely entertaining for fans of anime, robots and futuristic fantasy storylines.

Note: Christopher Waltz was often a villain in movies, like Inglorious Basterds, was Dr. Ido!

Lana Condor, from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, was Koyomi!

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Alita (Battle Angel)”

  1. Very interesting review. I saw the original anime, but not this live action remake. Despite my issues of James Cameron, at least he actually credited the creator and bought the rights compared to other Hollywood movies that straight up ripped off anime.

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