Book Review: Cleaning The Gold

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Will Trent, worked for the Georgian Bureau of Investigation and was investigating a 22 year old cop murder. They discovered the suspect’s swear on the page of a library book and he needed the DNA sample to confirm his suspicions. The suspect was working at Fort Knox, “cleaning the gold” at the vault. Every few years, the gold bouillons at the Depositary needed to be accounted for to prevent any illegal activities. So, Will went undercover to work there too.

The suspect’s name was Jack Reacher. Jack was actually tracking and going undercover himself to investigate some illegal corruption activities that involved some high ranking officials at the Depositary. As these two crossed paths, they ended up working together to unveil a hidden conspiracy…..


I was looking forward to read about Jack Reacher and this short story gave me a taste of the character. It’s interesting that both authors collaborated together and blended the storyline with their most famous protagonists.

I believe that this could’ve been a longer story as I find it a bit short. However, it was a glimpse of more that you could discover if you read more of their books.

Note: mature language

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