Seven Souls In The Skull Castle (Season Moon Kagen)

Image Courtesy of Newonnetflix


The story began after the fall of the warlord, Nobunaga Oda. Hideyoshi Toyotomi was going to unify all of Japan. However, Tenmao, who was loyal to Nobunaga Oda, believed that he could revive the power of his lord with his conquers and beliefs. He believed that Nobunaga Oda’s armour had powers.

Samurais banding together and fighting for their family and friends. All rushed towards the Skull Castle to face Tenmao. But as they defeated Tenmao , they discovered that Toyotomi’s army was approaching to take over the castle….But then, Tokugawa Ieyasu arrived instead….


As I had read about the history of Japan, I was able to recognize quite a few of the name mentioned during this theatrical play. However, even if you didn’t know anything about the names, you could still enjoy the amazing and sometimes humorous sword-fights with the katanas. The costumes were quite beautiful, especially for the women. I found it interesting that the women at the brothel were ones who owned the machine guns…..

Special lighting and scenery settings that included water, made the background very realistic.

This theatrical production blended some history with a modern twist and a sprinkling of magic. Sometimes, I felt like I was watching an anime come to life!

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