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You Are A Magical Girl Tag

Image Courtesy of Introvert Bags

Thanks to Introvert Bags for the tag!

The Rules

1. A Magical Girl is always polite! So be polite! Display the Magical Girl Tag Logo, thank the one who tagged you and if you want tag creator to thank you for participating, tag Pinkie’s original post as well! That last one is optional though!

2. A good magical girl gets the job done! Answer all the prompts! But do it like yourself! Come up with your own ideas, or compare it with other anime or video games! Anything goes! Just get the job done!

3. A good Magical girl always makes friends! Tag at least 2 people! More is optional!
There is no 4! That would be bad luck!

4. A Magical girl is not defined by gender! Feel free to tag anyone!

The questions

1. A Magical Creature descended from the skies! It is telling you, you are a magical girl! Describe this magical messenger! What is it.. where is it from?!

This messenger would be an unicorn. It flew among the clouds and descended from the sky.

2. Your creature tells you about an evil force from afar! What is this evil force?! What is their goal?!

This evil force would turn best friends into enemies.

3. The creature then tells you, you hold a great virtue, it is the reason you have been selected! What is this reason!

I was very friendly and could talk to anyone!

4. After the exposition, a monster shows up at your doorstep! It is time to transform! What is your transformation item?!

It would be a pair of sunglasses!

5. Transformation scene time! How do you look as a magical girl?! What is your power and signature attack?!

Think Trinity from the Matrix! My power to run across walls and a mean flying side kick helped a lot!

6. Catchphrase time! Name some of those lines you repeat in every episode.. and tell us when you use them! This can be a transformation phrase.. or just something cool you keep repeating!

“Chocolate makes it all better!”

7. Are you a solo magic girl?! Do you work in a team?! Are you the first recruit or a supportive one?!

I would work solo….

8. Every magical girl has a goal in her normal life as well! What would your goal be?!

To sleep more

9. What is the dark twist to your being a magical girl?!

My best friend would be a vampire….

That’s it! Here are my tags:

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