Buttermere Snow-skin Mooncakes

Limited Edition Mooncake From Buttermere:

1. Jade Hare (coconut pandan)

2. Marigold (matcha red bean)

3. Lotus (cream cheese cranberry)

4. Hua-Chuan (black sesame hazelnut)

5. Auspicious Cloud (milky taro)

6. Mid-Autumn (salted egg custard)

Instead of the regular sweet mooncakes, these were the snow-skin versions.

“Snow skin mooncake, snowy mooncake, ice skin mooncake or crystal mooncake is a Chinese food eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Snow skin mooncakes are a non-baked mooncake originating from Hong Kong. The snow skin mooncake is also found in Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.”—-Wikipedia

Check out their website:


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