Vendor Feature: Tay-Lor Designs

Check out my super cool sign by Tay-Lor Designs! I met her at an artisan’s market and she had the coolest Christmas wreaths!

Who Is Tay-Lor Designs?

1) Why did you start your business?

I have been crafting my entire life. For wreaths, I have been doing for three years.

2) What was your background?
My background is work-wise was Marketing and Promotions.
I started making wreaths because I had a table selling signs beside a ‘wreath maker’ who was quite pricey ($250+).
I sought out to make a few for family under $50 a piece where I still made a buck. It’s been great!!

3) Interesting facts about your product?

Each wreath (swag) was 100% unique just like each buyer.

4) Anythinh else your would like to share?

My happiness was when a customer was truly happy and excited ‘scoring’ one of my wreaths!

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Check her out!

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