Vendor Feature: Aatea

Such beautiful designs on the tin!

Who Is Aatea?

1) When and why did you start your business?

My business started at home. Drinking tea is an Indian cultural way of offering your hospitality to your guest and it’s a warm greeting by welcoming guest to your home. We made our own tea by hand mixing some very luxury spices. Ingredients like: Cardamoms/cinnamon /Turmeric and green tea to name a few. To curate a tea it takes time to mix and dry all ingredients. I usually have a plan to plant some herbs like mint or Lavender in the summer time and mix it in my tea. Just in time for Christmas.

2) What is your background?

Like every mom, I like to involve my family in the journey by having them plant and mix and water during summer months. By the time it’s harvest time we are ready to dry the ingredients. My kitchen table is full of leaves and the aroma is so beautiful. I have been making tea since I was 15 years old I use to help my mom and dad then during Covid I started sharing it with my neighbors and friends. You couldn’t go anywhere to buy presents for Christmas or birthday so we offered our tea. And rest is history.

3) Any interesting facts about your product?

Do you store your tea near your coffee or in your spice cabinet? Don’t. Store your tea away from “strong, competing aromas” so that you keep the tea’s own delicate flavors intact.

Check them out!

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