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Photo Of The Day: Pokemon Cards Shopping

Never thought that this would happen

I still remember my obsession with Pokémon as a teenager back in the 90s! There were less than 200 species, and now, over 800!!!

Fast forward to present-day, my own child would ask for Pokemon cards as a reward for a job well done on his report card…. He told me how he wished that I had collected Pokémon cards when I was young. Sorry, dear…. My allowance couldn’t budget for them back then!

Did you collect these cards?

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4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Pokemon Cards Shopping”

  1. I did not. I was already in my early 20s when Pokemon became really popular. I discovered Pokemon in adulthood. The geekbully ex-girlfriend taught me the card game when we were together, but I never played again after we broke up. About a year after Pokemon Go was released, a friend talked me into playing it with her, and I’ve been playing that ever since, so most of my limited Pokemon knowledge comes from that.


  2. Yes! I have SO many Pokemon cards from when I was a kid; I’m sure many of them are now very valuable. Brings back the memories (oh, the nostalgia)!


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