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Vendor Feature: Origo Food

Have you ever tried freeze dried fruits as a snack? Thank you, Origo Food sending some over for me try! What a fun way to eat my fruits!

Who is Origo Foods?

“Our family is on a mission to make healthy snacking easy and delicious. We set out to create a nutritious snack our three young boys would actually want to eat, and Origo was born.

It all started as a way to help us stay ahead of our kids (it’s not easy when they outnumber you!). From there, it just kept catching on.

Origo is a freeze-dried fruit manufacturer based in British Columbia. We produce high-quality and healthy snacking by using 100% real fruits and no preservatives, and we are proud to present you the children-loved and parents approved freeze-dried fruit!” —- Origo Food

Check them out!

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