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Vendor Feature: Furbabies

I love how Furbabies also cared about the emotional health of our furry friends!

Who are the Furbabies?

1) Why and when did you start your business?

FurBabies has been around a few years, however the principles of the company have been in the pet food and supplement market for over 30 years . Tami the CEO was the founder of Apawthecary Pets. She built the company to a multi million dollar company before selling and leaving the company . However Her passion for pets and pet health brought her back and when the owners of FurBabies asked her to come on board and join forces she did in 2021. Tami wanted the company to be all about the fur babies and strive for only premium plant past ingredients, so no fur baby would have an issue with allergies and all the products would be non-Gmo, with no fillers or chemical preservatives. FurBabies is a firm believer that plant medicine is the only approach for a healthy life.

2) What were your backgrounds?

We have been in the pet market for over 30 years in manufacturing, sales, development both domestically and internationally. Tami is 2) the principles have been in the pet market for over 30 years in manufacturing, sales, development both domestically and internationally.

Tami is considered one of the foremost authorities on pets and the ECS endocanninoid system. She has been regularly consulted by veterinarians and industry professionals on this topic.

3) What is special about your products?

First, all the ingredients are plant based. Therefore, even if they say beef, bacon or chicken, there is no meat. It is just plant based flavouring. All our products are human grade.
Our mushroom line is from the full fruiting body only no mycelium or fillers. We use our own proprietary extraction method for the mushroom oral drops. They are completely alcohol free.

4) What else would you like to share?

One of the mandates for FurBabies as a company is to support pet rescues. FurBabies gives back to rescues here in Canada and abroad.

Finally, FurBabies was featured in ModernDog magazine in an article about Cancer and Turkey Tail mushrooms.

Check them out!

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