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Product Review: 23.5 N Oriental Beauty Tea Makeup Remover

There are times of the month when my skin can get a bit more oilier than normal. Hence, using a milky or creamy cleanser doesn’t satisfy me.

So, when I was sent this cleanser to try, I was excited!

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According to the website,

  • 23.5°N Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Makeup Remover thoroughly removes and cleanses makeup and impurities on the face.

  • Suitable for normal and oily skin.

  • The Oriental Beauty Tea is a plant indigenous to Taiwan, not only with a distinct aroma but is also an effective ingredient for oil-control and purification of skin.

  • Minimizes open pores and soothes the skin, it is a perfect balanced and functional moisturizing treatment.

This product didn’t dry out my skin and didn’t have a strong scent either. I don’t normally use a lot of makeup these days, but it does do a good job removing the sunscreen.

You can find this item below:

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