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Book Review: I Will Make You Pay

Image Courtesy of Good Reads


“I am going to use a cheese wire on you….” An electronic-like voice announced when Alice, a journalist, answered her phone. As a well-known journalist, receiving threatening calls or letters was quite common. But, ones that used a voice modulating device, was very creepy. That was the first Wednesday.

Who was the caller and stalker? Why was he doing this to Alice? Was it an ex from her past? She just couldn’t figure it out….Imagine walking into a coffee shop and the stalker had already ordered her regular order from her local spot for her.

From then on, every Wednesday, this stalker’s threats became more and more scary. From having liquids thrown on her face to expanding to threats to her family. Finally, her boyfriend, Tom, convinced her to hire Mathew, a private investigator to solve this case.


This story was written in three person’s point of view, Alice, Mathew and the mysterious Him. Everyone had their own past experiences. Some were more traumatic than others. Sometimes, things that one believed to be wonderful, could also be devastating to another.

The ending was a complete surprise with a few excellent twists!

Trigger warning: Themes of child abuse

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