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Book Review: Dark Desires

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It was a miracle that Darcie made it into the desolate city of London. It was 1828 and the world was not kind to women. But she was desperate and must find her sister for help. As she walked up the steps to the infamous ladies of the night, house of Mrs. Feather, she was not sure what she would see. She hadn’t seen her sister for a long time. Originally, she was going to be a maid in the house. Unfortunately, a male client of the house made an inappropriate comment towards Darcie. So Abigail (Mrs. Feather), told her to find Dr. Damien Cole and work for him instead.

She warned Darcie to be aware of the doctor and to stay away from his businesses. Be very careful….

Murders were happening throughout the city and Darcie was in the middle of it all….


This was a murder mystery and romance combined into one. There were some steamy scenes, but most of the storyline focused on the historical side of the medical world back then. Great story!

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