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Writing Challenge: A Letter To My Body

Thank you Ang from Lose Weight With Ang for this writing challenge.

Please check out her blog:

Writing Challenge: A Thank You Letter to My Body

Three Things That I Appreciate About My Body

Dear Body,

I am so sorry for hating you so much for most of my life. Even though I understood that I should not listen to all those who enjoyed making fun of you, calling you fat for fun, even though you were perfectly fit, I still listened and internalized EVERY SINGLE INSULT AND “JOKE”.

Even though I tried to hide my constant sadness because of those “INSENSITIVE JOKES” with a mask of high self esteem, deep down inside, it was a perpetual purgatory.

After so many decades, I am completely fed up and am slowly coming terms with my physical changes as a mom walking towards middle-age.

1) Despite it all, I appreciate that I am still quite flexible (still practicing my almost successful splits).

2) I still love my healthy skin, thick hair and string nails

3) Two hours of continuous k-pop Zumba dancing is no problem for me!

Sometimes, it can be difficult at times to climb out of the tearful abyss, but you can do this. Keep doing what you love and DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THOSE WHO HURT YOU FOR THEIR PLEASURE!!!



P.S. Chocolate continues to be good for you.

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13 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: A Letter To My Body”

  1. Growing up as child, I really really hated my ears because to me they were too small. So, I would make my mum massage my ears with shear butter thinking that will help to make them a bit long.
    I hated taking pictures because I just didn’t want to see my ears. Because of this I never smiled in most of the pictures taken of me . Now, what my mum did was this: anytime we watched the news on TV she would point out a journalist with small ears as mine and let me know that it’s OK to them and that am not the only one with small ears. That made me embrace my ears and today I don’t even care about it.
    Today, I have really gone down memory lane.

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  2. Beautiful! Your body is amazing regardless of what anyone else thinks. And when you feel otherwise, remember that it’s your body, not the nay-sayers, that is with you every single day regardless of what you do 💖

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